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Auto Insurance and Bicycling

With more and more people choosing to use bicycles there are more traffic incidents that involve bicycles. Use the tips below to consider how your auto insurance might be involved in a bicycle incident.

If you are in a bicycle accident that involves an automobile you should obtain the driver’s auto insurance information. The person whose vehicle you had the accident with will also want your auto insurance information. Auto insurance policies for both the bicyclist and the driver come into play when there’s an accident.

If a young person in your home is involved in a bicycle accident with a car, your auto insurance policy might be involved if there are resident relative insurance provisions in an auto policy that cover the bicyclist.

When there is a collision that involves a cyclist and an automobile if you have car insurance or are responsible for the cyclist living in your home you should notify your auto insurance company. The auto insurer will ask for details about the accident much the same as in the case of an accident involving two motor vehicles.

Bicyclists can often obtain help in paying for medical expenses from their own auto insurance companies in the case of accidents where they didn’t get injured by a motor vehicle but where the accident was caused by veering out of the way of a motor vehicle. If you are injured as a result of veering out of the way of a motor vehicle, call your insurance company to see whether there is auto insurance coverage available to you.

Bicyclists should follow laws applicable to motor vehicles to avoid liability. Even though they are not motor vehicles, bicycles are considered vehicles in many states that must follow traffic laws. The failure to follow such laws frequently results in tickets and can result in liability for auto accidents caused by failing to obey traffic laws.

Always check on changing laws in your state about bicycles including those that affect your auto insurance. Because of the increase in bicycle riders and accidents, some states have and some states are considering laws that permit auto insurers to raise your rates based on traffic violations you incur while riding your bicycle.

Because bicycles are frequently considered vehicles, some auto insurance policies cover injuries incurred when there are accidents between two bicycles.

Consider other insurance besides auto insurance that may cover you in the event of a problem involving your bicycle. Homeowner’s insurance is the place to look in addition to your auto insurance policy if your bicycle is damaged in an accident. If you’re injured in a bicycle accident you will also want to use your health insurance.

Avoid significant fines by following traffic rules. Even in instances where bicycle tickets will not affect your auto insurance rates the fines can be significant. Whether it’s riding a bicycle without a headlight or disobeying traffic laws, there are different fines for traffic tickets involving your bicycle.

Problems that occur when riding your bicycle can sometimes interconnect with auto insurance. Use the tips above to know how and when your auto insurance will be involved with your bicycling activities.

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