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Bad Debt

´╗┐Bad Debt Remortgage Can Make Repayment Easier

Bad debt remortgage is a method of refinancing your current mortgage for a larger amount to help you pay off or pay down some of the debt you have. Is this a good option for you? Each situation is unique, but you should consider how this type of debt consolidation could save you money. For many individuals, unsecured debts like credit card debts, personal loans and medical bills can be costly and very difficult to manage on a monthly basis. However, if you have equity in your home, you may be able to borrow against that equity to pay off the debts you have.

The Risk Analyzed

One of the most important considerations for anyone who is considering bad debt remortgage is the risk you are taking. In their current state, these unsecured debts are harder to collect on. When you use a bad debt remortgage to pay them off, though, this places the debts on your home's value, which means that your home is now at risk if the debt is not paid on in full. This can be worrisome and costly to anyone because the future is unknown. Before considering a remortgage, consider how well this type of risk fits with your lifestyle.

Why Do It?

There are a number of reasons why bad debt remortgage can be a good thing.

- Mortgage loans are often much lower in interest than unsecured debts, so you would save a substantial amount of money in the long term in interest payments. If you are paying, 20 to 30 percent now on credit card debt, paying 10 or so instead may look better.

- With bad debt remortgage, you boost your credit by paying off all of your other debts in full and without penalty. You are making all of your debt payments in full, which means no collections and no settlement.

- You will have all of your debts in one monthly payment, your mortgage. This makes it simple to pay your debts each month (since they are now included in your mortgage payment.)

When looking for an option in bad debt remortgage, look for the most affordable loan available to you. Also, consider the fact that your mortgage will now likely be extended longer into the future. You may also be facing more risk. These are all important considerations for anyone that is considering using this remortgage method to pay off their debts. You may even want to talk to your financial advisor before making this decision to be sure it is the right one for you to use.