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Bank Foreclosure

´╗┐Getting On The Bank Foreclosure List

Are you on the bank foreclosure list? Unfortunately, there is no list, at least not yet. Some of the recent news predicts that the foreclosure market is doubling, if not more in the coming months. Currently there has been a 65 percent rise in the number of foreclosures that have hit the books so far in 2008 over 2007. For the investor, this means opportunities. If you have good credit, and the budget to do it, now is the best time to purchase property because interest rates are low and the housing market is full of opportunities. Yet, what about that bank foreclosure list?

Bank foreclosure numbers continue to rise as more people fall behind on their mortgage payments and default on the loan. While this is sad and very unfortunate, it is something that real estate investors should be monitoring. When the bank turns around and sells these homes for far less, it may prove to be an opportunity for a low investment and a high payout. That means profit and often it means successful business. Yet, finding these properties is often difficult, unless you know where to find the bank foreclosure list.

If you are still wondering where the bank foreclosure list is, do not fret. This is a list you will create for yourself of locations to find real estate offers from the bank foreclosures out there. Here are some places to start networking with to find foreclosure homes that may be priced lower and affordably and make good investments.

- Network with your real estate agent or look for a real estate agent that specializes in foreclosure homes. When a bank forecloses on a home, they list the home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service, which means they are listing with a real estate agent. Determine who does this in your area and work with them to provide you with notice of prime deals.

- Using online services to help you gather information and a good bank foreclosure list for your area. Homeowners, banks and real estate agents are posting these homes for sale online and that means opportunities are right there.

- Look around your neighborhood and get to know the signs of foreclosure. Find out what the newspapers are reporting (it is a legal requirement for a post to be made.)

Finding out where the homes are for sale is not hard. If you live in a larger area, a bank foreclosure list should be readily available to you for sheriff's sales, too, which is another area for great investments.