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How To Get The Lowest Car Insurance Rate?

Buying a car insurance policy is a must if you are driving your own car around. Car insurances will get assurances that damage costs you can incur to yourself, to your car, to others and other properties will be covered even during those times when you seem to run out of everything (read: when you get broke).

To get the lowest car insurance rate, start by talking to your agent, by approaching a direct insurance personnel or by logging to online car insurance rate searches. Compare quotes provided by the firms. Pick out the best quotes for you and verify the accuracy of the data to the corresponding car insurance company.

Evaluate yourself if you are qualified to get the lowest possible car insurance rate. Teenagers definitely will not qualify, so are people living in thickly populated areas or those living in neighborhoods with high car theft incidences.

Jobs that require a lot of car travel will disqualify one from securing the lowest car insurance rates. If you have received tickets for overspeeding or any other minor or major road violations in the last five years, then, dream on, you are out of the race for the lowest car insurance rate.

The lowest car insurance rates are also not for drivers whose kids are teenaged and drivers at the same time. The firms assume that teenagers can't resist the itch to borrow parents' car keys, with or without permission, to roam around and have fun.

Your car must not be a luxury type or one that requires higher costs for repairs. Too old cars are expensive to insure, so are the too new and modern types.

After going through the basics and if you can still qualify to secure the lowest car insurance rate, the following guidelines may be of great help to you:

- Install car security features to your car if it still does not include them. This will entitle you to the lowest car insurance rate.

- Get higher deductibles. Deductibles and premiums are inversely related, meaning, the lower the deductibles, the higher the premium gets, and vice versa. If you set a $300 deductible, for example, you will cover everything if a car repair in the future cost less than $300. If it cost $400, you will cover $300 and the insurance company $100.

- Update and lower your annual mileage estimate. The more you travel, the more prone you are to car accidents.

- Pick out or include legal expenses or courtesy car into your coverage if you really really need them. Otherwise, just ignore them. Addition of these features will only make your car insurance rate higher, ofcourse.

- Park in a garage or in a driveway. Parking on the road will subject the vehicle to accidental damages, theft or vandalism.

Moreover, you can ask for discounts to make your car insurance rates even lower. If you are buying a car insurance policy from the same insurance provider that covers you life and general insurances, then insist that you be given huge, huge discounts. Loyalty counts.

Also insist for discounts if you have not filed for any car insurance claims for the last couple of years. It will justify an argument that you are indeed, a responsible and safe driver who needs to be rewarded through significant discounts to car insurance premiums.