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Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Car Insurance Online

Car insurance has become a necessity and later on become a requirement for car ownership on most states across the United States. Eventually, other countries tolerated such actions for security and protection purposes of every car owner and their vehicles as well. One of these countries which adapted mandatory car insurance is Canada.

Just like car insurance policies issued in the United States, Canadian car insurance guarantees the compensation of all the expenses that will be incurred in case your car is involved on an accident or theft. It also ensures that the costs incurred for potential damages or injuries will be compensated by your insurance policy.

Different car insurance providers in Canada are also using the Internet technology to further promote their car insurance services. These sites facilitate almost all the steps in availing of a car insurance policy, from the filing of application and billing to policy approval. This significantly helps in saving much time in filing a car insurance application manually with bulk documents.

In addition, online Canada car insurance gives car owners an opportunity to work with quote comparison right on the convenience of their homes. There is no need to visit every business office of different insurance providers just to gather quotes for price comparison. Just select 4 to 5 car insurance sites operating in the Canadian territory, and you can proceed in comparing the policy prices they are offering to you.

To help you in learning more about online Canada car insurance, here are some of the frequently-asked questions with their respective answers. This will give you an idea of car insurance policies inside the Canadian territory as well as the laws covering such insurance policies.

Do Canadian law requires you to have car insurance before using your vehicle?

Yes, Canadian law requires you to have car insurance before driving your vehicle on the country's public roads and highways, especially policies with third-party liability insurance. This will compensate all the damages and liabilities in case you injure or kill someone or damage his/her property during a car accident. Fir instance, you have bump and injured a pedestrian while beating the red light. The third-party liability coverage will shoulder the costs of the victim's injuries.

The mandatory liability insurance in Canada (except in the province of Quebec) requires a minimum coverage of $200,000. In the Quebec, the minimum liability insurance coverage is $50,000.

What kinds of car insurance coverage are available in Canada?

There are two kinds of car insurance coverage available in Canada. The first is the third-party liability policy which is discussed earlier in this article. Remember that the minimum amount of liability coverage needed depends on the province where you live in Canada.

The second kind is the complete physical damage insurance coverage where it will compensate the expenses incurred to your own vehicle. Some provinces in Canada, particularly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, car owners are mandated to have a physical damage insurance coverage.

What are the things you need to consider in getting car insurance online in Canada?

There are several things you need to consider in getting car insurance online. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable car insurance provider. There are bogus companies who are just using car insurance as a way to take money away from car owners. Be sure to double-check such companies by asking their business backgrounds and if possible, their permits and licenses to operate as well.

Look for sites with full customer service that will take your queries and concerns on car insurance. They must have also secured servers on payments of your car insurance.

Getting car insurance online in Canada is required to give you the necessary protection and security in case of car accidents and other mishaps that may happen to you and to your car.