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´╗┐How To Get Your Free Credit Report?

When it comes to your credit history, one of the most important things that you should worry about other than what is on your credit report, is your credit score! For many financial institutions, your credit score is just as important as what is in your credit report!

Because your credit score is just as important as your credit report, there are many companies that are requiring a credit score with your credit report! Because of that, you are now able to get your own copy of your credit score! The best part of all, is that it can be a free credit score!! Yes, a free credit score!

Many people do not know that they are able to get a free credit score with their credit report; however, there are more and more people finding out! Especially because of the fact that credit scores are important to any type of money lenders! The best part is, is that it is very easy to get a printout of your free credit score!

Other than you being able to get a free credit score with your credit report, then next best thing is that getting it is also very easy! In fact, all you really have to do is go the one of the three major credit bureaus; however, deciding which one to go to may be a little harder! Because of that, you can also get a printout from all three bureaus; where you will be able to see how all three numbers and how they vary! The only downfall with getting a "free credit score" from all three bureaus is that many times you will have to pay a processing fee; however, it in most cases will be refunded! But in many cases, that is how the credit companies end up making their money; by charging processing fees and not charging the actual charge for the credit score (which is most cases is much more in price).

If you are not aware of the three major credit bureaus and what they do, they are known as Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. What these companies do is keep track of what is on everybody's credit report and keeps record of them almost on a monthly basis. Along with doing that, if any company requests a copy of your report, they will send it to them; then the bureaus will mark it on your report (sort of like a strike on you; the more that are on your report, the worse it looks).