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Day Trading

Insights On Red and Green Day Trading To Win The Game

Winning is a process. It is not a sudden gush of accomplishment. Before you even experience the joy and triumph of winning, you have to face many difficulties. You need to sacrifice and commit a lot of patience and perseverance to achieve your goal.

Most traders fear day trading since it is believed to be a risky industry. You may lose a good sum of money in an instant or you may win ample of money instantaneously. To indicate your gain for the day you will see a green circle on your chart - good for you! On the other hand, a red circle on your chart signifies loss. It means that you need to devise another plan which is created strategically.

To prevent seeing red circles on your chart, you must become skilled at day trading. There are different ways to become a competent day trader.

Find a Mentor

You need to find a mentor - an individual who have gained expertise in the field of day trading. He must be a person who knows the ins and outs of day trading. He must be willing to impart his day trading knowledge. Additionally, he must be enthusiastic to direct you in the right path.

It is a necessity that before you find yourself a mentor, you must readily equip yourself with the following factors:

Monetary resources

It does not mean that you have to possess a lot of money. All you need to have is the right capital and apt amount of money to go by. Moreover, you also need to have other channels to obtain monetary resources. This may be good when you are caught in liquidation.


Most often than not, mentors are around to cultivate what you have learned about day trading in the previous years. Hence you will be at a loss if you will solely depend on a mentor without first-hand experience on day trading.


You need to be aggressive and vigilant once you decide to enter in the day trading industry. If you are bashful and non-vigilant, you are most likely to be left behind.

Be Well-informed

Gather all possible and helpful information on day trading. Start reading books. Cut out articles from magazines or newspapers and compile them. Surf the internet and read articles on day trading. From the gathered information, it is important that you screen what is functional. You need to leave behind misleading information.

Information overload is better than being information-curtailed. Ensure though that the information you are obtaining are useful to you.

Take Risks

One will never be able to learn if you are overly exposed to winning. You need to experience failure so you would be able to polish what needs to be refined.

Without taking risks you will not be able to experience being a winner or being a loser. Taking risks will make you comprehend both sides of the world. One way to take risks and learn day trading is through "trial and error."

Try out different methods and see which works best for you. Scrap off errors and make sure that you pick up the pieces where you trade mistakenly.

There is always a way out. Every beginning has an end. If you start day trading in an affirmative attitude and you have been appropriately prepared then you will avoid noticing red circles on your chart.