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Financial Planning Association

If you want to know how to begin your retirement fund, how to make smart investment choices, or even how to organize a budget for your family, it’s a good idea to get advice from the Financial Planning Association. This organization is committed to helping people achieve financial freedom, and is built on principles that you and your family can trust. Here is some information about the FPA that you’ll want to know before making your next financial move.

The FPA is a great of financial planners who are committed to giving the best service to the community. The organization is founded on relationships with financial planners and customers; integrity, which means planners should also be honest with customers and give them information that they can trust; competence, which means that financial planners have to know what they’re doing in order to teach others; and stewardship, which is the principle that you only get out what you put in financially, so sound investments are key. Attorneys, bankers, and accountants are some of the groups that make up the FPA, and each of these professions is equipped provides individuals that will help you to plan for retirement, as well as for the next few years of your life when it comes to financial security.

The FPA holds seminars and meetings all around the country, in order to inform the community of the benefits and necessity of financial planning. The organization also partners with companies that you may be familiar with, in order to establish trust with potential customers. For instance, the Financial Planning Association has partnered with Aetna in order to form the Plan for your Health campaign, which prompts people to think about the cost of heath care, and how they can lower that cost. Information on how to select the best health care package is also presented in the seminars. The FPA has also partnered with AARP, in order to help those over 50 with financial planning, since retirement is not far away.

If you are a financial planner, or are an attorney in the business of helping people to find legal solutions to their financial problems, you may want to become a member of the Financial Planning Association. The are meetings and chapters in your city or state, and there are a number of benefits, whether you are joining as in individual, or as an organization. Networking and educational opportunities in your field are endless when you become a member. You can even join or renew your membership online.

If you want to know about financial planning, or want to find out when a representative from the Financial Planning Association will be giving a presentation in your area, visit

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