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A Career At Arrow Financial Services

Whether you are new to the field of financial services or if you are an experienced professional there is always the opportunity to start or continue your career at Arrow Financial Services. Arrow Financial Services is a Sallie Mae company and has many different branches and departments. Located in Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, California, Washington ,Texas and many other states there are several different options for working with Arrow Financial Services. Some of the career options in the company include accounting and finance, loan service and operations, collections, legal, human resources, public relations, training, information technology, customer service, management and sales.

Some of the many benefits that come with a career with Arrow Financial Services include health, dental and vision insurance, a 401K plan for retirement, investment and savings, as well as a company paid life and long term disability insurance. Unlike many employers Arrow Financial Services offers flexible scheduling, paid time off and an employee assistance program that provides counceling, support, training and referrals to community services that may be of assistance to employees.

One of the key focuses of Arrow Financial Services is to work with clients in a consulting type role. The company is very geared towards customer satisfaction and care, rather than driven by final sales numbers and specific goals. Of course the company is there to make a profit, but they also want the customers to make good investments, get good rates on their outstanding debts owed, and continue to do business with Arrow Financial Services in the future. This strong push towards customer satisfaction is critical in all aspects of customer service and support throughout the company.

Arrow Financial Services is primarily concerned with receivables management. This means that they work with clients to develop plans and contingencies that will ensure that all receivables are paid and collected in a way that benefits the clients and are individualize to the client's needs. Financing, debt collections, valuation and debt purchase are all services offered by Arrow Financial Services. They also offer first party servicing that works to have one person working with the company in collections to help to maintain the relationship between the company in default and the company needing payment. Backup servicing, or being able to transfer from one supply or service to another without disruption in productivity is another one of the support features offered by Arrow Financial Services. This can only be done by a company that knows the market and employs experienced professionals that can anticipate problems and help companies plan for them before they occur.