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´╗┐Purchasing Technology Through Dell Financial Services

Having the latest in technology is often the difference between being on the cutting edge and being left behind in the dust. For most professionals, small and large businesses, as well as those that are working within the technology field this can also mean continuous expenses and technology systems need to be constantly upgraded and improved to reflex changes in the industry. Dell financial services has evolved to assist virtually anyone purchasing a single computer or complete technology network to have financial assistance through in-house financial services. Dell financial services offer financing for purchases, leasing, recovery of technology as well as customer service with regards to purchases and finance issues.

Dell financial services offers all financial services with regards to leasing and purchase of Dell technology in over forty different countries around the world. All information for clients and customers is available in a secure, easy to access online format but there is also the option to call in and speak directly to a financial specialist or customer service agent that can answer questions and help resolve any issues that the customer may be experiencing.

One of the unique features offered through Dell financial services is the recovery and disposal of leased or purchased computers through Dell financial services. Since most business computers will have financial statements and other sensitive and potentially damaging information on their hard drives, having a secure location to send the used equipment for safe, secure destruction is a key component for many businesses. This service from Dell financial services also allows for Dell to help recover some of the cost for the owner through re-sale of some of the used parts or systems once they are wiped clean, or donation to various local charities of cleaned computers. This provides a valuable service to those agencies and non-profits that help in providing computers to those not able to purchase or lease on their own in a secure, safe fashion.

Dell financial services provide a complete list of all purchase, service, warranty and customer support contracts in PDF format for easy viewing. This allows consumers to clearly understand the contracts before they deciding on leasing or purchasing a computer or technology system through Dell. Customer service representatives can answer questions regarding the contracts and agreements as well as help customers locate Dell retails within their community. The contacts are slightly different depending on the various options the customer may choose, and personal computer purchase are very different from small or large business purchases or leases, so careful review of the content and type of contract is important.