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There are many benefits to financing your new vehicle through the manufacturer, and Toyota financial services offers both buying and leasing services to make the process as easy as possible. One of the easiest to use features of Toyota financial services is that the accounts can all be handled online, through a secure log in that allows customers to access their accounts at their own convenience and from any computer. This saves having to call in or wait for monthly statements, all information can be accessed as needed through the online website.

Toyota financial services can be used for both leasing and buying a vehicle though Toyota. Leasing options work differently from purchases in that there is less of an initial down payment, reduced monthly payment based on projected mileage, the ability to trade in the vehicle or purchase it at the end of the lease as well as avoiding the problems of having to trade in or sell the vehicle when you want a new car or truck. Many experts through Toyota financial services and other financial services recommend leasing for low mileage drivers that like to frequently change vehicles and want to always drive a vehicle that is under warranty. Leasing allows you to customize the vehicle before the lease, but may limit any customization that can occur once you take possession of the vehicle. This is also typically a penalty of exceeding the mileage totals indicated in the contract, which often makes leasing impractical for those that drive large distanced on a regular basis.

In addition to leasing Toyota financial services offers financing on new and used Toyota vehicles or used vehicles bought from a Toyota dealer that are from a different manufacturer. The website offers an easy to use payment calculator that can take the guesswork out of how much monthly payments will be on a new or used vehicle depending on the financial time, the amount of a down payment or initial cash payment as well as based on applicable rebates and dealer incentives.

One of the many features of the Toyota financial services website is a very handy tool that allows prospective car buyers to simply put in the amount they would like to pay per month, the down payment they wish to supply and the duration of the lease or purchase. The website then generates a list of vehicles broken down by car, truck or SUV and the estimated monthly payment for each vehicle.

The Toyota financial services website provides additional information on credit terms and definitions, what is meant by different credit options, and considerations before purchasing a vehicle or leasing using credit.