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´╗┐Starting A Career As A Financial Services Representative

A career as a financial services representative is often a starting place for future CEO's and leaders of financial planning and management companies and organizations. Since a financial services representative is working with people regarding their money and investments both now and in the future, it is important to have the right training and knowledge to be successful and in demand within the field. A good financial services representative will quickly find that they have a strong customer base and have more work than they can complete, whereas a disorganized, uniformed and unmotivated financial services representative will likely quickly move into a more suitable type of job as they will not have any clients.

There are three different types of careers as a financial services representative. These include careers in banks and financial institutes, careers in insurance and careers in securities.


For obvious reasons there is a high demand for qualified, trained entry level professionals that want to work as a financial services representative within the banking industry. With a degree in business, accounting or finance it is possible to find positions within a bank that offer lots of hands on training as well as significant options for professional development and even earning a more advanced degree while working as a financial services representative. The added benefit of working with a bank, especially a national bank, is that there are many different locations for transfer as well as several different departments or areas to work within.


Many people don't think of insurance as part of their financial management, but it is a serious investment and requires planning, management and insight to find the right insurance policies for you and your family. A financial services representative in the insurance industry will often have an excellent opportunity for earning an above average wage with commissions and incentives, plus they will develop their own customer base and continued client list. There is typically lots of opportunity for training and professional development in this field as well.


A role as a financial services representative in a securities brokerage may lead to working as a financial adviser, risk assessor, financial manager, portfolio manager, commodity trading manager or as a securities consultant for large companies. Being a financial services representative is an ideal way to learn about the business from the ground up, making you a more effective and knowledgeable manager when the opportunity arises. There are often in-house trainings and promotions within securities companies and brokerages that are based on sales performance and even volumes of trades or market activity of the financial services representative's clients.