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No matter when you are located, if you own a home, you may be in need of home foreclosure help. With the national subprime mortgage crisis, many homeowners across the nation are facing the possibility of foreclosure. Subprime mortgages are loans that are offered to people that cannot qualify for prime mortgage rates. These mortgages come with high interest rated to offset the credit risk. Unfortunately, they also come with very low "teaser" rates, available for the first few years of the loan. Many borrowers have gotten themselves into mortgages that they cannot afford, based on these teaser rates. When the teaser period expires, they find their mortgage payments increasing significantly. When faced with a mortgage they can no longer afford, they start looking for home foreclosure help.

The best first step in researching home foreclosure help is to access the Department of Housing and Urban Development web site. There is a comprehensive list of all the help available to prevent foreclosure. Because you can customize the search depending on where you live, it is the best place to access local programs that are available. They also provide a list of financial counselors that are trained by HUD. These counselors are able to consider your situation on an individual basis, analyze it, and provide solutions best suited for your specific solution. Since they are local to your area, they will be able to offer the most appropriate home foreclosure help.

Another great source of home foreclosure help is the lender that currently hold your mortgage. Never ignore any communication that your lender sends to you. They have many programs available to them to help keep you out of foreclosure. However, most of these programs are only available if you are only 1-2 payments behind. The farther behind you get, the less home foreclosure help will be available to you. They can also provide you with current local home foreclosure help that you may be eligible for. They have a lot at stake if your house goes into foreclosure. They are usually very motivated to offer assistance to avoid foreclosure.

When facing a financial crisis, be it from job loss or poor choice in first mortgage, it is important to seek home foreclosure help early in the process. There are more programs available to borrowers when they are at the beginning of a foreclosure threat. Be sure to do your research. There are many programs available to help with preventing foreclosure, you just have to look. Be sure to investigate all your options before committing to any one program. It is important that the solution be the best fit for your current situation.