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Since Ohio has led the nation in foreclosures, many agencies have developed programs that offer foreclosure help in Ohio. Many states have been adversely affected by the subprime mortgage crisis, but state officials have led the way in developing programs offering foreclosure help for the state of Ohio. Subprime mortgages are mortgages that are offered to borrowers with blemishes on their credit reports. Typically, these mortgages came with "teaser" rates for a limited number of years. After this "teaser" period expired, their interest rates increased significantly, to the higher rate that was necessary to offset the low credit score. Many borrowers with this type of loan have found themselves unable to afford their mortgages with the higher interest rate. Many of these borrowers may not have been made aware of the actual cost of the mortgage before they closed the loan. These borrowers are the ones that are seeking foreclosure help for the state of Ohio.

Many federal, local and privately owned agencies are developing programs to offer assistance to these subprime borrowers. One privately operated agency, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA), has developed a program that offers refinancing loans for Ohio residents with subprime mortgages. This type of foreclosure help for the state of Ohio consists on offering affordable 30-year fixed rate refinancing loans for those who find themselves unable to afford their mortgage payments. Although a few credit issues on the subprime mortgage are allowable, this program is mainly geared for those seeking help before going into foreclosure. In order to qualify for this program, the borrower must complete 4 hours of financial counseling before closing the new loan.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) controls the programs offered by the federal government offering foreclosure help for the state of Ohio. Their web site is a great place to determine what programs are available and what you qualify for. They also have many tips and advice on their web site to assist home owners to get their finances in order and redeem their credit score.

Another avenue to research is programs that your lender may have available. Because they hold your current mortgage, they can suggest which programs would be most appropriate for you specific situation. Since they have a lot of money at stake, they are willing to work with you to prevent foreclosure. Never ignore any communication that may come from your lender. Most of their options are only available for those that are only 1-2 payments behind. Be sure to research to find which program offering foreclosure help for the state of Ohio would be best suited for your situation.