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Because of the subprime mortgage crisis and the over inflation of property value, many residents are finding themselves in need of foreclosure help in California. Subprime mortgages are loans that were offered to borrowers with a few blemishes on their credit that could not qualify for the prime mortgage rates. These subprime mortgages also come with a high interest rate to offset the credit risk. Unfortunately, they also come with very low "teaser" rates that are only good for the first few years. Many borrowers used these low rates to get into mortgages to buy houses that they could not afford without them. When the teaser period expired, they find themselves in need of foreclosure help in California. Luckily, there are many agencies, both local and national, that are developing programs to assist these people.

Another situation that is causing borrowers to seek foreclosure help in California is the overinflated property values that have recently readjusted. People got into mortgages for homes with an inflated value, hoping to be able to refinance in a few years when the value increased as it had in the past. Many of these homes had doubled in value over a very short time period. When the true values were determined, home owners were left with a mortgage that was higher than the house was worth. They were no longer able to get better financing based on the equity in the home. Once again, these borrowers were faced with the possibility of foreclosure.

There are many web sites that offer foreclosure help in California. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has a plethora of information on their web site. They also have custom links that will give lists of programs offering foreclosure help depending on the area the home is in. Another great resource on this web site is the list of financial counselors. They can provide an evaluation of the individual situation and find a solution specific to the situation. Because you can choose the location of the counselors, they are able to provide specific foreclosure help in California.

The lender that holds the original mortgage is also able to offer foreclosure help in California. They have programs available to assist borrowers in avoiding foreclosure. It is estimated that lenders lose between fifty to sixty thousand dollars for every mortgage that ends in foreclosure. They are very motivated to keep your house out of foreclosure. Never ignore any communication that your lender may send you. Most of the programs they offer are only applicable if you are only 1-2 payments behind.