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Because of the subprime mortgage crisis, many homeowners are finding themselves in a situation where they can no longer afford their mortgages. Subprime mortgages are loans that are given to borrowers that do not qualify for a prime rate mortgage. Because of the increased credit risk, these mortgages come with a higher interest rate. However, many of these mortgages also come with a very low "teaser" rate that is only available for the first few years of the loan. When the teaser period is over, the interest rate will usually double, or sometimes triple. When this happens, many families are faced with a mortgage payment that is not possible. Foreclosure becomes a very real problem. A source of hope for these families are the many foreclosure help stories that are told on various news outlets. Many home owners have been able to find help in avoiding foreclosure. Once source of these foreclosure help stories is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development web site. HUD is responsible for managing the fore
closure help programs that are available to individuals facing foreclosure. Many Americans have been able to find help by accessing the information found on HUD's web site.

Many of these foreclosure help stories tell of financial counseling that helped turn the situation around. These counselors are able to analyze your individual situation, make suggestions and offer programs that best suit your needs. Many times, people in financial difficulties need a professional to help make sense of the situation. These foreclosure help stories that are a result of counseling are encouraging for others facing a similar situation.

Local agencies also offer assistance for those in need of foreclosure help. When researching available programs, be sure to check with your local municipalities. Many have developed local programs. They will also offer foreclosure help stories of others in your area that have been helped by their programs. Often, people facing this type of situation need to know that they are not alone and that there is help available. The HUD web site is a great source of information, offering links to local agencies that offer assistance.

It is important when gathering information concerning foreclosure help that you don't decide on a program before having all the facts. Some programs are better suited for your given situation. It is best to speck with a professional financial counselor that can help you decide what decision is best for you. Be encouraged that there are many foreclosure help stories that prove that there is help available and that foreclosure is preventable.