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Foreclosure Listings

´╗┐Advantages and Disadvantages Of Free Foreclosure Listings

Free foreclosure listings have advantages and disadvantages, however if you have the time and success in finding a reliable free foreclosure listing data base the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages. The main advantage of course is the opportunity to purchase a home at an inexpensive price. Many foreclosed properties and homes sell for 20 to 50 percent cheaper than they originally would if they were not foreclosed properties.

You will find the most advantage in using a realtor website, the free foreclosed listings on realtor web sites are generally up to date and accurate. They often give more description than generic foreclosure listings through companies that charge for a membership to access their listings. Other advantages to finding free foreclosure listings will include a wide range of access to many different areas where you may prefer to purchase a property, specific information such as number or bedrooms, bathrooms, condition of the property, price and size of the property.

Disadvantages to Free Foreclosure Listings

The most difficult aspect to free foreclosure listings you will find is actually finding free foreclosure listings. Many web sites will claim to have free listings but you will be forced to provide credit card information so they can charge you a membership fee after your free trial has expired.

Once you have located a free foreclosure listings web site you are comfortable with the disadvantages are few. Some may not provide the right information that you need to select and purchase a property and others may not have good customer service. On one hand, many web sites will have 24 hour customer service seven days a week; on the other hand simply having the ability to access the customer service at any time does not ensure you will always receive great customer service. The other more frustrating disadvantage of free foreclosure listings on line are listings that are not kept up to date. This can cause you to waste your time and hopes on properties that are no longer available and have not been properly updated in the database the site is offering to the public.

The best way to avoid many of these disadvantages and make the best of the advantages of free foreclosure listings is to locate a realtor company that you work well with and trust. Using a realtor company to access free foreclosure listings will usually ensure you are getting up to date information that is complete and trustworthy. Realtor listings are often compiled from the bank foreclosure information and listings and will be updated daily offering you the most accurate list and a realtor that can offer you answers to questions on the free foreclosure listings you receive from the realtor.