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Foreclosure Loan

´╗┐You Can Get Mortgage Loans After Foreclosure

The great myth about foreclosure is that you won't be able to own another home after you experience foreclosure. This simply isn't true. There is a way to get mortgage loans after foreclosure, but it can depend on exactly how well you negotiated your way out of the house that was foreclosed upon. The deals you get on mortgage loans after foreclosure may not be ideal, but they certainly won't be nonexistent either. If your goal is to own a home, but you overextended yourself or lost a previous house due to medical bills or a loss of a job, you have options to get mortgage loans after foreclosure if you want to get back in the market.

Extenuating Circumstances

Typically, lenders will be more willing to lessen the waiting period after a foreclosure for those people who lost their home due to illness or a loss of a job. If that issue has been resolved and you have a new job for the last couple of years, you can easily qualify for a new mortgage. Or, if the medical issue has been paid off or resolved, then that also can help to clean up your record much quicker. The foreclosure information will still be on the record, but again, if the lender has managed to sell the house and recoup most of the costs, and your situation has improved dramatically, you may be eligible for another loan in as little as two years. Although, if you really want to get back in the market you can get mortgage loans after foreclosure as soon as a year afterwards if you are willing to pay higher interest rates, a large down payment, and many more origination points on the loan.

The Cost of Foreclosure

Essentially, mortgage loans after foreclosure will be more expensive to obtain. The impact of the foreclosure on your FICO score will begin to fade over the years, so time is the best healing agent in this case to get good mortgage loans after foreclosure that aren't too prohibitively expensive. If you just can't wait, for some reason, you will have to be satisfied knowing that you will have to have at least a 20% down payment (if not more) and pay much higher interest rates on the loan. This can significantly increase the price of the home once the life of the loan is complete. Not only will mortgage loans after foreclosure have higher term costs, but the impact of the foreclosure on your credit score will leak into areas like insurance and automobile loans too. You will find that you will be required to pay more across the board for having foreclosed on your home.