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Foreclosure Loan

´╗┐Bad Loans To Stop Foreclosure

There are many different ways to stop foreclosure, but there are also some unscrupulous lenders or individuals who might want to take advantage of you in a desperate situation. You shouldn't just be on the lookout for any loans to stop foreclosure, but you should also understand what makes up bad loans to stop foreclosure and steer clear of them. Since most people are in this process out of duress, it can be tough to negotiate new waters that are highly turbulent and emotional. However, it can mean the difference between saving your home and unwittingly giving it away to a total stranger. It pays to be informed and it pays to learn about bad loans to stop foreclosure.

The Quit Claim Deed

By far, the biggest scams involved the quit claim deed. This device passes ownership of your home to someone else. You may still be responsible to your lender for mortgage payments, but you no longer own the home. In addition, the person who requests a quit claim deed may tell you they need it so that the house can be refinanced using their own credit rating and that they will sell it back to you later, when you are up-to-date on your payments with the money they give you. Be very, very careful when you are asked to sign a lot of papers that you don't understand. One of them could end up being a quit claim deed and you might be being scammed. Always have your own lawyer go through any papers that you are signing in any legal transaction, especially one that involves as large an asset as your home. The quit claim deed isn't always an indication of bad loans to stop foreclosure, but it's a big red flag to get your papers checked by your own attorney to make sure everything is as the person says.

Other Signs of Bad Loans To Stop Foreclosure

Most people in the business to provide loans to stop foreclosure are not really credit repair agencies. If you hear that your credit will be repaired, this can be an indication that you are facing one of the many bad loans to stop foreclosure tricks. It's just a gimmick to get you to sign on the dotted line. It takes a lot of time to repair a credit rating that has taken a hit from foreclosure proceedings and a track record of current balances. Another indication of bad loans to stop foreclosure is when a third party agrees to negotiate with the lender and make payments to them on your behalf. Often, you think you've negotiated a lower payment, which you send to the middle man, and they pocket it and never send it on to the lender. Then, your house is foreclosed on and you've lost what little money you could have used to start a new life.