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Free Debt Consolidation

Today millions of people across the country are in financial trouble and looking for solutions, paid and free debt consolidation, to get out of debt. If you are in such a situation, you may consider taking advantage of some of the debt relief options that are available to you. These options include credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt settlement and, at the worst scenario, the bankruptcy.

You also have the option of tackling all this by yourself or getting help from a reputable debt relief company. However, depending on the amount of your debt and complexity of your situation, you may be better off seeking professional assistance.

Today there are countless debt relief companies on the Internet and new ones are popping up all the time. Among all the programs out there stands out as the “Internet’s first get-out-of-debt community” with tens of thousands of members who seek financial advice on debt relief and debt management through their counselors and community. Since its inception Debt Consolidation Care has successfully helped over two million people to resolve their debt problems.

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Debt Consolidation Care

The majority of the services offered by Debt Consolidation Care are free to use. If your debt situation is not complicated, you can use the free debt consolidation advice on the site and do it all by yourself. However, Debt Consolidation Care does not directly provide debt relief services but will refer you to pre-screened companies that do. Actual debt consolidation service costs will vary by the debt counseling service chosen and the type of debt.

How Debt Consolidation Care Can Help You

At Debt Consolidation Care, they provide several ways to fight against debt with many free services through their very popular community forum:

Firstly, there is the “ask-community section” with support groups where you can ask questions and get free debt advice. You can discuss your financial problems with other members who may have already been through the same ordeal. The Debt Consolidation Care community is free to join and members are encouraged to interact and share their experiences with each other in getting out of debt.

Secondly, there is a “do-it-yourself section” which offers many free resources:

  • Free budgeting and debt management tools to help you plan your budget effectively and learn how much you can save in interest charges
  • Debt relief plans to help you negotiate debt with creditors on your own
  • Articles with helpful tips for dealing with debt and collection agencies
  • Sample letters to contact creditors and collection agencies for debt-related issues
  • And much more

Thirdly, under “companies section”, you can browse through the ranking chart to get a list of verified debt relief companies in various states. These rankings include the top picks by Debt Consolidation Care as well as a list of all the companies they work with in all 50 states.

Lastly, you can have a free counseling session with a professional debt consultant by submitting their free counseling form. With your approval, you will get guidance in selecting the right debt relief program for your needs and a plan of action will be developed towards eliminating your debt.

Should You Try Debt Consolidation Care?

You would not be able to find any other service that could offer so many benefits in one place for free or at a low cost. By using the free debt consolidation information at, you can lower your monthly payments, reduce interest rates, waive late fees, eliminate collection calls, avoid bankruptcy, and get in better control of your debt. You really have nothing to lose by giving Debt Consolidation Care a try but may gain a lot by just using their “get-out-of-debt community” forum.

How To Apply?

To apply for free debt counseling, simply fill out and submit the brief form below. After you submit the form, a Debt Consolidation Care consultant will call you for a free debt counseling session. He will review your financial situation and suggest the proper solution towards solving your debt problems. If you agree with the consultant’s recommendations, he will refer your case to their approved service providers. They will then contact your creditors for a negotiation to reduce the amount of your outstanding debt, lower interest rates and eliminate late fees/penalty charges.

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