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Hedge Fund Definitions

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Now that your business is growing, you’ll need to start thinking seriously about the types of investments you’re making. Going over some hedge fund definitions will give you a better understanding of how to organize your money. And perhaps the best way to understand what a hedge fund is is to determine what it isn’t. Hedge funds are often compared to mutual funds, so knowing how to set your money aside the right way will definitely help to move your business forward.

Hedge fund definitions will help you to know that the managers of these funds are mostly betting on a stock’s decline. This means that the managers can ‘short stocks.’ For mutual funds, the investments tend to be ‘long only’, which means they invest in stocks that are likely to rise in value. You’ll also get a better understanding of hedge fund definitions when you realize that this type of fund presents much more financial risk than a mutual fund. If you are holding the hedge fund, you will be compensated by your investors in order to take these risks. Mutual funds are a lot more conservative investment, which means that are good for the long term, and should probably be considered for most companies in addition to hedge funds.

Hedge fund definitions will also let you know that these funds are not regulated by the SEC, or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Individuals that manage these funds must register with the SEC, however, so that there is a record containing the detailed census data on all funds. Especially since the turn of the economy in 2008 and 2009, formal regulation of hedge funds is very important. However, the regulations are still kind of vague.

You should make sure that you know what to make of hedge fund definitions in terms of the fees that you have to pay in order to get the fund started. Hedge fund managers charge two layers of fees, which includes a two percent management fee and a 20 percent performance fee. These fees are based on assets that are under managements.

It’s important to read up all you can about hedge fund definitions, even after you’ve made important investment decisions. Even if you’re managing the fund for a client, you should be familiar with the ever-changing financial trends that will affect hedge funds. Check out the classes and seminars that may be offered in your city or state by visiting sites like or You can also find out about financial advice that you should pass onto your clients when you visit the investment blogs.

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