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´╗┐Acquiring A Bank Foreclosure Home

If you are interested in acquiring a bank foreclosure home, there are many opportunities to buy a home for much less than the selling price. Many people are fortunate enough to buy a home for $0.70 on the dollar. You can contact the County Clerks office of the area you are interesting in buying a bank foreclosure home or you can go online to and type in the city and state you are interested in. When you plug in the city and state and click "go" you will be taken to a page with all the bank foreclosure home listings in and around that area. You can also contact the REO (real estate owned) department of your local bank to obtain a bank foreclosure home list.

It is a good idea for every homebuyer that is interested in a bank foreclosure home to hire an agent to help ease the way for an easy sale. The present owner of the home may not trust you if you try to make an offer without representation. There are so many scammers out to hoodwink homeowners that are desperate, that they become leery of anyone that is not represented by an agent from a well known company.

You can buy a bank foreclosure home in any stage of the foreclosure process. It is a great idea to make an offer to the seller early on in the pre-foreclosure stage. This way the seller can walk away from the debt and his/her credit may be able to remain in good standing, and you, the buyer, still saved a bundle on the selling price. A reputable buyer will try to negotiate a fair deal, and not try to take advantage of a borrower in trouble.

An attorney should be hired to protect your interests and to help guide you through the process of securing a bank foreclosure home. An attorney can sift through the paperwork that goes with purchasing a foreclosure home. In a judicial foreclosure the lender has to sue the homeowner to get a judge to issue an order to foreclose. Your attorney will know how to negotiate to help you acquire the bank foreclosure home of your choice.

If you are interested in buying a bank foreclosure home through auction, you will be dealing with a non-judicial foreclosure. Properties are advertised in the local paper for 4 weeks, and the date and place of the auction will be listed in the publication. The auction opens at 10 AM and closes at 4 PM. The sale is not final until the following day. The borrower still has the right to redeem the property if he/she can pay off the bank and pay all the foreclosure fees right up to the final moment before the property changes hands to the new owner. Buying a bank foreclosure home may be time consuming, but it may be worth the trouble if you can save a significant amount of money.