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Car Insurance Fraud - Protecting Yourself From People Who Stage Fake Accidents To Collect Your Car Insurance

A lot of people would try to find some ways to collect extra cash especially during the holiday season. Although many people would work extra hard to have more money to spend over the holidays and some would just want to get some quick cash by scamming innocent people. Some people just don't think that the holiday season is a time for them to stop fooling around and earn their keep honestly.

According to experts, car insurance claims would increase over the holiday season because of many minor accidents on the road. Although many of these accidents are legitimate, there are some accidents that are staged just to collect car insurance. The sad thing about staged accidents is that sometimes things could get out of hand and you get to pay more than you should not only in terms of money or car insurance but with your lives and limbs.

Some Tricks People Play To Get Your Car Insurance

The best way for you to protect yourself from those people who are just out to get your car insurance is to educate yourself on how they work. One of the most common ways to stage a fake accident is the read end car accident where a scan driver would quickly get in front of you and then slam the brakes. Even if you are just traveling within the speed limit, you may not have enough time to stop your car before you hit the rear end of the other car. If you hit the rear end of the other car, the driver of that car could claim for damages on the vehicle. That driver who caused the fake accident could also collect money for medical expenses against your car insurance.

To avoid being a victim of the read end tactics, make sure that you watch out for vehicles following you. If you find somebody tailing you and tries to overtake your car, don't panic. Just slow down and pull over the side of the road if you can. If you do not have the opportunity to pull over to the side of the road, keep a vigilant watch on that car behind you. Make sure that you leave ample space between you and the next car so that you will have enough time to hit the brakes if the driver in front of you suddenly stops.