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Mortgage Loan Refinancing Phishing Scams

Every day someone is being defrauded by mortgage loan refinancing scammers. Homeowners in search of mortgage loan refinancing may get an email that appears to be from a reputable lender; the homeowner, thinking it is legitimate fills out the paperwork. Unfortunately, instead of getting their mortgage loan refinancing they were expecting, they got their bank account cleaned out.

The number of phishing scammers on the Internet is rising every day; dishonest people that would like to hack into your computer and rob your bank account are more than happy to do it. Phishing is a crime; the people that do this sort of thing masquerade as reputable businesses on the Internet. How do homeowners protect them selves from mortgage loan refinancing phishing scammers?

The best way to avoid being scammed is not to respond to unsolicited emails. Most people have more than one email account, and if you get an email that looks like it comes from your bank, but they are using an email account that is different than the one attached to your bank, this is a red flag that points directly to phishing criminal activity. They are hoping you will bite. The scammers might be masquerading as the bank you do business with, and ask you to update your account. Don't respond to it. If your bank needed information, you would be left a message on your online account.

Secondly, if you get an email from any bank, including your own, advertising mortgage loan refinancing, steer clear of it. Don't respond; you don't know if it is real or not. Every day there are reports of people being scammed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You might wonder how the scammers get your emails in the first place—they can harvest any email address from the Internet. If you are part of any Internet communities such as social networks, chat rooms or message boards you may have received unsolicited emails from criminals hoping to hook you and pull you in to their phishing scheme. Most people have anti-spam filter software built into their web-browsers that protect them from phishing scammers, but still some are able to slip through to the email inboxes of unsuspecting people every day.

Don't fall prey to any email boasting their website that advertises a lending company. If you need mortgage loan refinancing, do your own research. Find a reputable lender online, or go to your phone book and search the yellow pages for a bank, credit union, or other lending company to service you with the mortgage loan refinancing you need. There are plenty of good reputable companies on the Net that want your business; they are easy to find through an Internet search, but never accept an offer from an unsolicited email.