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Purchasing a home can be very exciting but can also be stressful and unfamiliar territory to many. If you've never had a mortgage before, you probably don't know what the different steps involve. With economy as slow as it is today, banking is slow as well as mortgages. More people today are refinancing their current mortgages than buying new homes and getting first mortgages. Broker lender mortgage companies have a little of everything to help the first time home buyer, or even the second time.

Many people aren't familiar with a broker lender mortgage company or a mortgage broker. There is a difference between a mortgage broker and a mortgage lender. A mortgage broker will work as a middleman between the lender and the buyer. He will do all the ground work getting all the information and paper work set up. Mortgage brokers and lenders are usually both required to be licensed in the state they are working. A lender is the one that works directly with the buy from the time of application right to the final closing on the home. While a mortgage broker usually makes more money than a lender, a lender has access to a referral network from within the lending institution. While both of them have legal and more obligations to disclose all loan terms to the consumer, the loan office is protected under an umbrella license at their bank whereas a mortgage broker can be held personally liable for fraud. The choice of seeing a broker, lender, mortgage company or bank is a matter of personal preference.

When you see a broker lender mortgage company, you may have your choice of working with a mortgage broker or a lender. Mortgage brokers are often the people that contact people over the phone about refinancing their mortgages and offering them better rates. While they all make it sound as though they'll improve your financial circumstances, it's important to do some checking before you make any final decisions. There have been many couples that were contacted by broker lender mortgage companies promising them a lower interest rate only to find out later that they had extremely high closing costs or their mortgage was extended longer, costing them more money over the life of the loan.

Choosing a broker, lender, mortgage company or a private lending institution can all have their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to compare all their similar features: closing costs, interest rates, term of loan as well as the reputation of the company. This is the best way to determine which company would best meet your needs.