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´╗┐Adjustable Mortgage Rates

An adjustable mortgage rate is one that changes periodically depending on the current market, specifically in the realm of indexes. One of the most important factors is the Cost of Funds Index. Some lenders use their own cost of funds as an indicator while others use standard or other indexes.

The result is changes in payment requirements for the borrower. The adjustable mortgage rate changes as the market changes. The creditor may charge more or less depending on the institution's specific policies. The lender is able to make more loans if the borrower carries some of the risk.

A fixed mortgage rate can be difficult for some borrowers to obtain. The adjustable loan is ideal for consumers that may not qualify for a fixed rate loan. In many cases, the borrower benefits because interest rates fall. He can also pay more if the rates increase.

Basic Features of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Every loan begins with an interest rate. The adjustable loan offers an initial mortgage rate to the consumer. This initial figure is subject to change according to the fluctuations in the market. Many consumers are quite comfortable with the primary figure.

The margin is a percentage of points that are helpful in determining the adjustable loan's interest rate. Each lender will have its own approach in incorporating the margin into your loan. The numbers are figured together in order to come up with a viable monthly installment.

There is an adjustment period in this type of home loan to consider. The interest rate or term of the loan remains unchanged for a certain period of time. This is a scheduled aspect of the advance that is set in stone. After the period is up, the mortgage rate is refigured and the monthly payment is subject to change.

Another consideration that a homeowner should make is the interest rate cap. The lender is limited in the amount that the installment payment and the interest rate can change after each adjustment period. The figure must be balanced and below a certain amount.

The rate cap is very appealing to many borrowers and there are other attractive features in the adjustable mortgage rate loan as well. The initial discounts offered by many lenders are a major draw. The consumer can enjoy a year (in some cases even longer) of interest that falls below the index plus the margin, or the prevailing rate.

Optional Agreements

Savvy consumers can take advantage of a conversion if it is part of their initial loan. Some lenders provide a clause that gives the borrower the option of switching to a fixed mortgage rate during specified times.

Consumers also can consider prepayment terms as well. Some banks will charge a significant fee if the loan is paid off too soon. This is especially important if the borrower plans to refinance the home loan.