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Most people think of mortgage brokers and assume that all they do is help families find houses to live in. While this is the main function for most of them, it isn't the only thing that they can do. In reality, mortgage brokers can also help businesses with their own mortgage loans. In this case, the broker would be called a 'commercial mortgage broker'. If you are thinking about starting your own career, becoming a commercial mortgage broker can be very lucrative.

Commercial mortgage brokers often make more money than mortgage brokers who work strictly with families. This is because there is a lot more money that changes hands when corporations by new buildings. since they spend more money, you would then make more money. The only downside to this is frequency. There are more families looking for homes than there are corporations looking for new office buildings. The most successful commercial mortgage brokers are those that do regular mortgage brokerage on the side.

Not everyone is cut out for this job, though. As with most other careers, you need certain personality traits in order to succeed and actually like what you do. For instance, you will be working with people all the time. This is the main function of the job. You meet with clients to discuss what they want in terms of buildings and you help them find the right loan. If you don't like working with people, this isn't the job for you. You also should be relatively happy filling out paperwork. There is so much paperwork with this job. Some of it can be done on the computer, but it is still time consuming. Be sure to be okay with this if you plan to become a commercial mortgage broker.

If you are sure that you're right for this kind of career, you'll need to get licensed. This doesn't involve just applying for it. You actually need to take a test. And in order to take that test, you also need to attend some classes. So, your first step should be to take mortgage broker courses. These courses can either be taken on line or in person. Make sure that they teach you aspects of commercial mortgage brokerage so that you are well versed in that area as well.

Now that you have learned everything that there is to know, all that is left is to pass the exam and receive your license. Now that you have one, you will be able to be the best commercial broker you can be. And you'll make a lot of money in the process.