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If you've never had a loan or mortgage before, the entire process may seem quite confusing to you. It's not actually as confusing and complicated as it may seem once you realize the different types of loans. Many people think if they want a loan, they just go to a bank and speak to the first lender or loan officer they see, whether they want a loan for a car, a home, a business or personal reasons. If you live in a very small town that consists of only one or two banks, this may be possible, but it's not usually the way banks work. Banks usually have lenders and loan officers that specialize in certain types of loans, whether they're consumer loans, commercial loans, or mortgages. Each lender needs to be trained on the aspects of these different kinds of loans and what they law requires with each loan type.

Any time real estate is involved in a loan transaction, the loan has to be a mortgage loan, whereas a loan involving consumer goods such as cars, household items etc., must be a consumer loan. Loans involving a business are commercial loans. Therefore, a mortgage loan requires a mortgage lender, a consumer loan needs a consumer lender and a commercial loan requires the services of a commercial lender. A commercial loan that will involve inventory or vehicles is a commercial loan that requires a commercial lender. However, a commercial loan that involves real estate as collateral needs to be a commercial mortgage loan requiring a commercial mortgage lender.

A commercial mortgage lender will treat your loan similar to if it was a real mortgage for the purchase of a home. The difference is in some of the laws regarding real estate and commercial buildings. A commercial mortgage lender will help you with your loan from the beginning to the final signing of the papers. The reason why you will use a commercial mortgage lender is because of their being real estate involved or possibly your homestead. In certain states, loans that involve your homestead have certain restrictions and requirements. For example, many states are governed by the Right of Rescission law as part of the Federal Truth in Lending Laws. The Right of Rescission gives homeowners the right to change their minds within three days of signing their loan documents.

If you are using your homestead as collateral on your commercial loan, you will be given these three extra days. The combination of real estate with a business loan (commercial loan) is the reason why you'll need the services of a commercial mortgage lender.