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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage In The UK

Motorcycle insurance is important to all motorcycle aficionados and those who are planning to buy a motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance is beneficial for you and your motorcycle safety. In United Kingdom, there are many motorcycle insurance companies offering varieties of motorcycle insurance coverage. As a motorcycle owner, you are held accountable if ever being accidentally involved in road accidents causing bodily injuries or other damages. Somehow, motorcycle insurance can help you with your problems.

There are two types of motorcycle insurance policy offered in United Kingdom. However the special type or suitable policy pertains to the insurance of several people on the same motorcycle.

- The specified rider policy is an insurance policy that solely covers the rider allowing him or her to ride any sizes of motorcycles available.

- The other insurance policy is the one that covers the motorcycle not the rider.

In United Kingdom, motorcycles are very popular, especially with young people; however, motorcycle is one main contributor of frightening accident rates. However, young motorcyclists had the difficulty in finding the right motorcycle insurance because of accidents and higher claim. You need to have knowledge about the different coverage of motorcycle insurance so that you could select the best which can satisfy your needs.

- Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance are required by the law in United Kingdom. This type of coverage pays for the injury to the victim if the accident was your fault. Experts on insurance recommend to purchase triple the minimum amount of the current lawsuits. If you are legally accountable for the accidents then the insurance company will pay the cost of repair and replacement of the damaged property, lost income of the injured party, medical bills of the injured party (may also include those guest passengers) and other damages legally stated to pay as a result of the accident.

- Guest passenger liability is the coverage providing protection for legal accountability if the accident happen with other passenger and was injured on the insured motorcycle.

- Underinsured coverage protects you when the person who causes the accident or injured you does not have enough insurance to shoulder all of your damages.

- Uninsured coverage protects you when the person who causes the accident and injured does not any insurance at all covering all your medical bills and whatever lost income during your accident.

- Collision coverage pays the damages to your motorcycle regardless of whoever causes the accident however the coverage only shoulders all those factory parts.

- Comprehensive coverage covers the payment for fire, vandalism and theft. Be sure to ask the insurance representative of whatever exclusions or notice requirements in the policy.

- Medical payments coverage pays for your medications as a result of a motorcycle accident regardless of whoever has the fault. This coverage is only limited for three years after the motorcycle accident and with appropriate amount.

- If ever you buy physical damage liability coverage it is compulsory to buy a one thousand dollar custom parts and equipment coverage. It covers devices, equipment, accessories, changes and enhancements other than those original manufactured parts. Be sure to keep motorcycle photos and custom parts receipts.

- Roadside assistance coverage provides towing to the nearest qualified repair facility and necessary labor at the place of disablement due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown, flat tire, dead battery, lockout, insufficient water or fuel supply, and entrapment on mud, water, sand or snow within one hundred feet of the roadway. Roadway services are available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

Accident rates in motorcycles are higher in UK. Therefore, it is wise that you should buy an insurance policy to protect you and your motorcycle.