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Are you looking for guaranteed personal loans to consolidate debts, fund a new business or pay unexpected bills? Has your roof fallen in and you don't have insurance? Does your car need repairing quickly so that you can make that important business trip next week? Or do you simply fancy putting your feet up on a Caribbean cruise for a week or two?

When you are looking for guaranteed personal loans there are several options available to you online through banks and companies who are willing to lend you money via secured and unsecured loans.

You can apply to your bank for a secured personal loan which will require you to provide collateral - normally in the form of equity from your house if you are a home owner - and co-signers.

Your second option is to apply for a cash advance from your credit card lender, which will normally require you to pay daily interest charges.

The third option and one which is preferred by people with poor credit ratings, is by getting an unsecured loan which does not require credit checks, co-signers or equity.

You can find guaranteed personal loans by checking for brokers or banks and other companies who operate online. Faster than traditional methods, you will get quick quotes for the best deals, with no up-front payments and low APR rates.

Whether or not you are a home owner and whatever your credit history is like, you will be able to find the right personal loan for you. You may be looking for a mortgage, an auto finance loan, a credit card or a personal loan.

Bad debt and bankruptcy need not impede your search for a personal loan, as many companies provide guaranteed personal loans without performing credit checks or requesting financial statements, business plans, budgets, spending plans or progress reports before they approve your funds. This benefits small businesses and the individual alike, who will gain quick access to funds.

Personal loans are requested for all kinds of reasons and as long as it is legal, your request should not be refused. Once the money is at your disposal, you will have unrestricted use of the funds, whether you are hoping to consolidate your debts in a single payment, buy a new car, improve your home, get medical treatment, cosmetic surgery or pay for the wedding of a lifetime.

Guaranteed personal loans online offer free and fast quotes, an easy application process, total confidentiality and good interest rates, and they avoid hassle, up-front fees and get your money to you quickly so that you can start paying off your debts.