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´╗┐Free Pre Foreclosure Listings On The Internet

Finding free pre foreclosure listings is relatively simple if you have access to the computer. Since these free pre foreclosure listings are open to everyone to view, you don't have to worry about only premium members having access to certain types of listings, everyone using the site has the same information and opportunities to find homes that are potentially moving towards foreclosure.

Free pre foreclosure listings can be located through several different search terms and using a variety of search terms can really help you find all the possible sites. Since some of the free pre foreclosure listings will be only within a specific county, metropolitan area or state, be sure you include the location name in the search unless you are browsing around for possible investment properties where you may not be as concerned about their location.

Search criteria to use can include terms such as:

- Free pre foreclosure properties
- Free pre foreclosure homes
- Pre foreclosure properties in (state or city)
- How to find free pre foreclosure listings
- Pre foreclosure listings and free
- Homes in pre foreclosure

When using free pre foreclosure listings be aware that these sites get a lot of traffic and highly desirable homes or areas will be targeted quickly. Some sites allow you to use the free side of the site for browsing, however if you join the site as a member or subscribe to the site you can enter a property description and the site will email you or send a text message when houses or properties meeting your description come on the list. Some websites will allow you to view the site for free, however you will have to provide a valid email address and contact information, which typically means that you will be bombarded with emails from agents as well as advertisements from the site sponsors.

The pre foreclosure sites are generally very easy to use, with interactive maps that allow you to click on the state, county or city that you are interested in, which then brings up a list of pre foreclosure properties. Not all of the sites will have the same properties, so if you are seriously looking for a specific property be sure to check several different free sites, don't just rely on one.

If you have the time to browse through the site on a regular basis using the free pre foreclosure listings can save you the money of the site membership, which can be fairly expensive if you enroll at the premium level. In addition your real estate agent may also be able to provide free pre foreclosure listings and he or she will review and eliminate the properties that are not a match for your requirements.