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´╗┐Refinancing Pre Foreclosure Options For Owners

It is always devastating to families and individuals when they are in default of their mortgage payments and face the possibility of being forced out of their homes. Thankfully there are several refinance pre foreclosure options that are available for homeowners, depending on their financial standing, credit history and record and the circumstances that led to the home or property mortgage not being paid. Refinance pre foreclosure methods will also differ slightly from state to state, so always do some research and learn about what your state offers and requires. This will help you discuss refinance pre foreclosure options with your lender from a knowledgeable and informed perspective.

The first step in obtaining information on how to refinance pre foreclosure property if you are home owner is to talk to someone that is knowledgeable about both your options and your legal rights. A HUD housing counseling agency can be a good first step, as these counselors can provide information on various government programs that may be available in your area. To access these services check your local government website or contact your Veterans Affairs department if you are current or past military and purchased your home with a Veteran's Administration (VA) guaranteed loan.

Refinance pre foreclosure options may also include an actual modification in your mortgage payment, without the requirement of a full refinance. This can be arranged between the lender and the borrower and typically occurs due to some specific issue such as a loss of income, disability or a change in your income that will not allow you to pay the amount you were previously able to cover. Clear information to the lender as well as a prior good payment history before the pre foreclosure is usually critical in this special situation.

A partial claim refinance pre foreclosure deal can be a true lifesaver for both the borrower and the lender. In this option there are several criteria that may be met, but what actually happens in the lender is able to claim the deficit amount through a no-interest loan directly from HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development). This can only happen if the house or property in not currently in foreclosure but is in default between four and twelve months and the homeowner is able to now make full mortgage payments to the lender at the terms of the original loan.

Typically home owners in looking for refinance pre foreclosure options may also be able to work through banks or lenders if they have a significant amount of equity built up in the home. In cases where the homes have no equity or negative equity, options will be very limited. Negative equity occurs when there is more owed on the home than the property would bring in if placed on the market.