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´╗┐Investing In Foreclosed Real Estate

We have all heard how investing in real estate can make us a lot of money in a short amount of time, however there is more to it than meets the eye. Simply purchasing a property to resell or rent to tenants is not the end of the story. Smart real estate investors look for properties that are below market value. A good way to find these is to look at foreclosures. Some homes that have been foreclosed on will be ready to rent or resell at a profit. Other buildings may need renovations or updates in order to sell them. Working with a trusted real estate agent who specializes in foreclosures, knowing what you are investing in ahead of time by carefully looking the property over and making the best deal you can is the best way to come out ahead.

Get a listing of properties that have been foreclosed on

Obtaining and reading a listing of properties that have been foreclosed on before you look at any of the properties that a real estate agent may want to show you can have its advantages. Ideally a listing will have a photo of the property as well as any pertinent information about the property. You will know ahead of time what features and amenities the property has. If you are planning to purchase the property strictly as an investment, these features can be strong selling points. Other pertinent information will include the asking price, which usually can be negotiated even on a property that has been foreclosed on.

Most banks, credit unions and mortgage companies want to get rid of these properties as quickly as possible. The lot features such as lot size, sewer and utilities should be listed as well as building interior and exterior features. If appliances are going to stay they will be listed as well. Homes that have been foreclosed on will not have a tenant or homeowner there so the real estate listing will be your main source of information. This also generally means possession after closing is immediate so there is no wait for the current tenants to move out. This is the best way to make a quick turn around on your investment.

Viewing the properties

Once you have narrowed the list down by looking through the listings you obtained then contact a realtor that specializes in the type of properties you are seeking if you do not already have a realtor you work with. If you want to look strictly at properties that have been foreclosed on seek a realtor that knows about selling this type of property. Take the real estate listing with you so you can jot notes down about each property as you go. If you wait until you get home, pertinent information may be forgotten. Ask the realtor to find out the possible selling price of the home if it were put back on the market immediately. Find out what properties in that area rent for if that is your goal. Most real estate agents know this information and will be more than happy to help you.