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Prudential Real Estate is a service offered by Prudential Financial Inc. which is the mother company to all Prudential Financial companies. Apart from real estate, Prudential also offers other services such as mutual funds, annuities, and others.

Whether you are buying or selling or looking for relocation services, Prudential Real Estate is one of the real estate companies that you can depend on to assist you in real estate transactions. This company has real estate professionals who can help you complete the process of real estate transactions with the utmost convenience and efficiency. In addition, the company's network of offices extends to all 50 states, as well as 9 provinces in Canada and Mexico. Prudential Real Estate is dedicated to offering good quality of service to people throughout the continent of North America.

In addition, Prudential Real Estate can also extend its service to people via the World Wide Web through its online site. With this, people who are seeking for the company's services can perform real estate transactions with just a click of the mouse. Its online site offers comprehensive information about Prudential Real Estate, as well as quick searches for buying and selling properties. In addition, Prudential Real Estate provides its clients with other important resources:

- Community information - the company offers comparison of neighborhoods and communities. This link will help you decide which community offers comfortable living for you and your family. It also offers pre-calculation of the finances involved if you want to procure a property.

- Buying resources - it provides information that you need to know when purchasing real estate. This information includes details on real estate professionals, home inspections, financing, mortgage, retirement dwelling, and second home.

- Selling resources - provides information on how one can maximize the exposure of his or her properties for sale

- Moving resources - provides tips and guidelines on moving

- Prudential Home Connections - provides services for home repair and care, inspection, warranty, security, change of address and moving.

Prudential Financial is one of the largest fiduciary assistance institutions in the world today. It has helped millions of people and institutions in the United States and abroad to find their ideal properties. The company has been in the real estate business for many years now, and it has honed its skills in investment and insurance to achieve excellence. Truly, Prudential Financial is fit and capable to aid its clients in protecting and growing their properties. It provides information, advice, and choices regarding an array of subjects such as asset management, insurance, securities, and employment through an effective network of financial specialists and professionals. With the great success and reputation of Prudential Financial, you can expect to get the best services from Prudential Real Estate when you are engaging in real estate.