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As we all know, one of the most useful means for buyers, sellers, and brokers is an online hub of real estate listings. This is also known as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). With a real estate listing, a licensed real estate broker finds a meaningful, convenient, and an effective way of marketing his or her properties. Most often, real estate listing through MLS is considered the most effective way. In addition, a real estate listing in MLS becomes truly helpful for sellers as they will be able to gain the needed exposure to attract potential buyers. However, you may be wondering, what is MLS? How can real estate brokers and their clients benefit through real estate listing?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is also referred to as Multiple Listing System or Multiple Listings Service. MLS showcases a bulk of private databases which contain real estate listing. Its use is truly beneficial to real estate brokers as they are able to locate prospective clients for their properties. Brokers who represent their sellers are able to share information with other brokers who are assisting the purchasers of their clients' property. These databases are under the control of an association of realtors or real estate brokers, and/or agents or group of real estate associations. Collectively, they are called MLS.

MLS is most popular in the United States and Canada, but it is steadily gaining popularity in other countries. Also, MLS is a combination of real estate listings by brokers from members of MLS, National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the US and Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). MLS is developed to provide a systematic distribution of data, so that when a licensed real estate agent is designated to a potential purchaser, he or she may use the MLS system to gather information on almost all the properties that are for sale, with their locations and prices.

MLS systems are controlled by private companies in North America. Also, the policies and regulations are also provided by these private entities. The MLS system also imposes its rules on membership, access, and sharing of data. However, it is subject to the sanctions laid by the NAR and CREA. On the other hand, an MLS can be owned and run by a real estate firm, a country, trade organization, as well as a realtors' association. Being a member of the MLS is truly important if an agent wants to operate successfully as a real estate broker. This only goes to show that real estate listing in MLS will allow one to gain a truly substantial income.