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Retirement Plan Services

If you are nearing retirement, or want to make sure that you are financially prepared when you are ready to retire, you’ll want to take advantage of retirement plan services that may be available in your  city or state. But how do you know where to look? These resources may be helpful when it comes to finding a financial planner that can help to meet your monetary needs and answer your investment questions.

Your bank

In most cases, your bank has more to offer you than just a place to hold your money. You can purchase a mortgage from the bank, receive a credit card from the bank, and even request a loan to start your business. So, you may also be able to get retirement plan services from your bank as well. Check out Bank of America or Washington Mutual locations in your area to find out about classes and seminars on how to save for retirement years before you will actually need the money.

Your job

Even if you’re not getting a 401(k) from your place of employment, you may still be able to ask your boss or human resources department about how your should invest your money when you are trying to save for retirement. Some companies even arrange for a financial professional to come in to speak to workers about how much to set aside each paycheck, and which IRAs to establish for themselves. If you don’t already have a program like this at your place of employment, you may want to suggest this to your supervisor, since it is likely that you are not the only one in the office with questions.

Your non-profit organizations

Do you attend church regularly? Are your kids involved in youth-centered programs in the neighborhood? Do you regularly donate to organizations like the Boys and Girls Club or the Salvation Army? You may want to ask these organizations if a meeting can be set up to answer people’s questions about how much money to save for a retirement. You can organize this with other people in your community, and can get the word out by advertising in your local newspapers or radio stations. Bank representatives, human resources professionals, and even retired individuals that have saved successfully can all over their feedback at these meetings, so that you and your neighbors can get first-hand information on how to make sure their families are secure when they are no longer working full-time.

If you want to know more about retirement plan services, you can visit sites like, where you’ll find suggestions on how to spend your retirement funds, as well as a directory for other retirement plan services in your area.

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