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When reading through the pages of business newspapers, you would probably read about certain top executives of companies who are given stock options as part of their compensation.

Stock options are basically just like stocks and equities traded in the stock market. However, stock options are different in a sense that these equities are like rights to buy or sell specific equities or shares at an agreed upon price during a set and specified time frame.

Stock option trading is rapidly gaining popularity. That is due to the negative publicities that go along with the subject. However, be informed that most of the time, stock options are grants provided by companies to certain and only a few deserving individuals. These are like cash gifts that can be liquidated or encashed by the recipient whenever he likes or whenever he needs. However, the time frame is not usually that long.

Issues regarding stock options grants practices

There are issues that are thrown at stock option trading. One of these issues is the question on the timing of the granting of such stock options.

Because stock options are usually given to top executives, some people and analysts are suspicious that those executives determine the proper timing for the issuance of the stock options.

They would, according to allegations, intentionally make the timing coincide with the low pricing of stocks. Because when the stock prices are low, more options could be given to the recipients.

These executives can then choose to hold on to their stock options until the time when share prices are rising. Thus, they generate more money from the stock options trading transactions.

That issue and problem regarding stock options is now being reviewed and looked at by different regulating agencies around the world.

How to trade Stock options

How do you trade stock options? It is definitely as easy as trading regular stocks and equities in the stock market. There are buyers and sellers of stock options that abound and roam around the market.

Be reminded that stock options are named such because these are actually options. These shares are special and unique in the sense that the are different and are treated differently compared to the regular and normal stocks and shares traded in the market.

The price tags are also somehow different most of the time to the current and prevailing stock prices of a particular stock. Usually, stock options are traded at premium prices, or in other words somehow higher than the usual trading price of the stock in the market.


The stock options trading has its own set of language or lingo. When you are trading stock options, it is advised that you make yourself familiar with such terms as 'put' and 'call.'

'Call' means buy. 'Put' means sell. Thus, when you are buying stock options, you are said to be trading call options. When you are trading put options, it means you are selling stock options.

Easy, isn't it?

The expiration date is the deadline set by both parties on when the stock option should have been traded or sold. The option should not stay for too long on an investor's hand because doing do would make it void, especially after the expiration date.

Now you are ready to invest in stock options.