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Stock Trading

All About Trading Stocks

Trading stocks can be as easy as one, two, three, if you know the basics. There are people who are anxious and hesitant to trade stocks or invest in them because they think doing so would entail immeasurable and significant talent and skills.

Trading stocks does entail extreme talent and skill. But anyone who wants to grow his or her money can always look into this investment tool.

Investors are always on the look for reasonable and lucrative ways of making their money grow. Stock trading has been recognized by a rising number of people for as a significant and convenient means of making the money grow at rapid proportions even for the short time.


The notion that stock trading is like a gamble, a game or a vice can never be questioned and contested. Indeed, stock trading is like gambling your own money.

You will never know if the bet would be lost or will be doubled. That is also how it goes in the stock trading. Once you bought shares or stocks in one company, you never have an idea whether that investment would be returned to you at a greater amount or at a lesser amount.

That is because stocks are considered volatile market offerings. Companies' stocks are directly affected by developments and news that have the potential to affect those firms.

On the other hand, news in the macro economy, or news about the prevailing national or global economy could also pose a boost or an adverse effect to traded stocks.

Thus, stock trading can be a game of chance. If you are lucky enough, you can double your investment even in a matter of just one day.

You could also lose an investment or reduce your investment by half or more if the share price for the stock of your choice loses ground in the market. It can happen overnight or in a matter of a few days, months or years.

News monitor

Thus, when trading or investing stocks, it is important that the shareholder or investor know more about the prevailing economic situation not just locally, but nationally and globally.

That is because even the economic news at other countries can have a domino effect and eventually affect the economy in your locality.

Take for example the case of the never ending conflict in the Middle East. Every now and then, there are countries in that oil-producing region that would always get into trouble or disputes with other countries, be it neighboring or from trans-continent ones.

If there are conflicts in the Middle East, expect that the overall global economic situation would decline abruptly. That is because the world relies on that region for oil supply, which runs all the major and important industries for all countries.

Conflicts in the Middle East would mean oil supply and production would be disrupted, making oil process spike up. Remember the law of supply and demand taught to you in school?

Stock prices

Do not be surprised because stock prices change from time to time. That is because, as mentioned in the earlier text, stocks and the accompanying prices are subject to different news and developments every now and then.

Thus, the notion that stocks are so volatile, once again, must be highlighted. Stock prices dictate the performance of a particular stock. Of course, it follows that when a stock is priced higher in the market, the stock is performing good. Otherwise, it is on the opposite direction.