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With so many free technical analysis softwares in the market today, it would be so difficult for a simple trader to pick the best one. And in terms of trading it not the cause of finding the best one, but the best one that will fit in your need.

Different traders need different kinds of technical analysis softwares. The only thing that matters most is choosing the best one that will fit in your needs.

So in this article we will provide you some list of softwares that you can download for FREE on the internet.

MY TRADER is one of the analysis tools that have given me a good impression. You can download them over My Trader is a free technical analysis software that offers you tools to follow up your current portfolio and other portfolios if needed. This free technical analysis software is a one stop analysis tool for very serious and dedicated traders.

This tool also goes through the latest trading conditions and looks for stocks that meet up your personal specifications. It includes a wide range of features that can help you and guide you in your marketing and trading needs.

In spite of whatever approach and need to market analysis you have in mind, may it be technical or fundamental, this tool will suffice your needs. This free technical analysis software is also good for sudden reviews of trading environments and also for a thorough analysis of specified company information.

One of the advantages of this tool against other online tools is that it does not require any special connections but still gives you updated and reliable trading information. This free technical analysis software process information over the internet so it is fast and up to date, there will be no need of satellite connections or any sort of cables.

My Trader also gives you a full list of historical archive of your transactions and tips. This tool is also one of the easiest tools to operate for this company has been into interface designs for quite sometime, giving them an edge in this part of the program.

The Modern Speculator Junior is also one of the free technical analysis software that you can find on the internet. The good thing about this software is that it does not have any futuristic approaches to its tool, instead it gives out direct and unbiased reports regarding the trading prices.

You can download this tool over under ddsoft. There programs are also extremely compact and easy to use, you can even download and install them for less that 3 minutes.

The last tool on the list is the StockAnalyser, which you can download over at This tool uses informative and old styled analysis strategies that signals buy and sell points like Dow and NASDAQ.

It also has a Bullish-Bearish indicator that calculates the patterns of supplies and demands. It also has a monitoring system for candle stick chart patterns and displays archived results of this charts so you can make comparisons and differentiate them from each other. This tool also has a one click feature that analyses up to 40 stocks in your market and portfolio list.

So that's the list we have so far, but don't limit yourself with this tools above, search for more on the internet an you may find what you really need.