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Did you understand anything? Probably, none at all.

Successful and trying-to-be-successful Forex investors have exchange rates and its derivatives on their mind while they are out on their trading activities. With the basics in their minds and appropriate trading strategies, they hope that they will be able to take home huge profits at the end of the trading day. Once they have won the battle, they will encourage other individuals to try Forex and be one of the elite members of the league.

On the other hand, individuals who do not have any business at all with the Forex industry will ask "Why will l go on Forex?" Good question on his part. Why go on Forex trading?

The trader will answer, "Money is easy with Forex trading! You only need to open a trading account and you will be able to accumulate hundreds or thousand of dollars in just a single trade alone! Add to it the convenience of having an online Forex trading platform installed in your Internet-connected personal computer unit. Is it just amazing?"

At this point, you have three questions suddenly in your mind.

1. What is Forex?
2. Why go on Forex trading?
3. What is an online Forex trading platform?

Let us answer the questions separately and thoroughly before you agree to what a Forex trader says to you about the trading. Forex is also known as the foreign currency exchange. You will trade a pair of foreign currency by simultaneously buying and selling different foreign currency pairs with different traders in various exchanges. The exchange rate will depend on the performance of a foreign currency pair on different international exchanges.

For instance, you will trade a pair of Euro and U.S. dollars on the spot market in exchange for a pair of British Pound and Japanese Yen within an agreed exchange rate.

Why go on Forex trading? According to different Forex market experts and analysts, there are various reasons why there are growing numbers of individuals who go on Forex trading, such as follows:

- The trading volume around the Forex market is so far the largest compared to other exchanges, with the ten most active trader accounts are averaging about 73 percent which can lead to additional circulating capital around the market.

- The extreme liquidity of the Forex market provides an opportunity for traders to generate more profit. Since there is no fixed exchange rate, traders holding the hottest foreign currency pair will be able to generate above-average profit percentage compared to the profit percentage within the same currency pair on other trading days.

Now, what is an online Trading platform? It is one of the useful tools when you go on Forex trading. In order to position yourself on the profitable side of the trade, you need to have an idea of the market trends for a specific trading period. The online Forex trading platform will show you the hottest currency pair trends for a certain trading period and you will be able to perform technical analysis based on existing market conditions. In this way, you will be able to avoid trades wherein losses are of high possibility.

Online Forex trading platform includes real time indicators and charting (for technical analysis purposes) and risk-control features to help you avoid possible investment losses.