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Using Your Smartphone To Manage Auto Insurance

Your smartphone can make managing many aspects of car insurance easier. Use the tips below to incorporate your smartphone into your auto insurance process.

You can keep needed information about your vehicle on your smartphone for easy reference. This can include your license number, insurance policy number as well as phone number of your insurance company.

There are some states that are beginning to permit digital evidence of insurance coverage. While it is a good idea to have a tangible paper copy of your car insurance card with you, having a digital image of your car insurance card is helpful if for some reason you cannot locate your paper insurance card.

In the event you’re in an accident, there are apps that are provided by some car insurance companies for their customers to report information about accidents and provide pictures of the accident scene. GPS functions permit you to enter accurate location information. This information can save time and money for drivers after an accident. In the event your car needs towing services, you can use your smartphone to locate towing services nearby.

Collision avoidance systems that work to warn drivers from everything from low battery charges in green vehicles to lane drifting are beginning to be considered by some auto insurers as features that can lower your car insurance rates. Owners of older cars may be able to take advantage of this same technology by using apps on their smartphones, when the phone is attached to their dashboard with a bracket. If you are using such technology, check with your insurance company regarding the possibility of lowering your auto insurance costs.

There are increasing numbers of auto insurance companies offering discounts if you use different driver-behavior trackers. Apps that permit drivers to transfer data from a driver-behavior platform, such as SYNC in certain Ford models, will find their insurance rates will drop if they are good drivers. It should be noted that many drivers are uncomfortable with having their premiums hinged to their actual driving performance, and you should carefully consider what information will be used by the insurance company before using this type of function.

Check out the downside of any smartphone auto insurance functions you decide to use in order to avoid problems ahead of time. Some of these apps and functions have gotten better reviews from others and this varies from insurance company to insurance company. Common complaints about mobile apps range from difficulty in navigating to time required for information to download.

Decide whether you want to use smartphone functions as your main resource or as a backup resource when it comes to your car insurance. Many people use smartphone functions only as backup because of concerns about smartphone reliability, such as having a weak signal or other interference with receiving or sending data using a smartphone.

Smartphones are creating new opportunities to make every day activities like managing car insurance easier for customers. Use the tips above to consider what new tasks you can rely on your smartphone to help with in order manage your auto insurance.

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