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VA Foreclosure

A VA Foreclosure Can Become Your Next Home

Veteran's Administration loans are a benefit that goes to veterans of our country. When a veteran wants to purchase a home, the Veteran's Administration (VA) will help them get a loan. The financing still comes from the bank, but the VA guarantees the loan with the bank. They guarantee that if the borrower can't make the payments, they'll buy the loan from the bank. Unfortunately, this happens far too often and the home goes into foreclosure. VA will then purchase the home and try to sell it to another buyer.

To avoid foreclosure, VA recommends many helpful suggestions for the borrowers to try. One of these is to contact the bank and let them know that you are having financial difficulties. Banks are usually very eager to help rather than have a foreclosure. VA or banks don't want to see a home repossessed because it's a lot of unnecessary paperwork, time and money.

Some borrowers will borrow more money to try to catch up on their late payments. Although this is a quick fix, it often causes more financial difficulties for the individual or couple. If you contact the bank regarding your financial troubles, they often can arrange a refinance to help you get caught up, often extending the term of the loan and lowering your payments. Another option banks will offer is to defer one or more payments. This often helps the borrowers to avoid losing their home to foreclosure. VA loans are a benefit given to veterans so the VA will also help them all they can as well.

There are currently many frauds involving a veteran's loan facing foreclosure. The VA and banks warn the veteran's to beware of individuals offering to help you catch up on your loan if you sign a document. If you are approached by an offer like this, contact your lender to see if it's legitimate. In many of these cases, what that veteran signed was a deed giving some of their property to the person.

When a veteran's home does go into foreclosure, VA is supposed to get the proceeds of the sale to pay them back for buying the loan from the bank. If the veteran sells their home before the VA is paid the balance of the loan, the veteran needs to sign a release of liability from the VA before the sale is final. This is to protect them.

A home that is a foreclosure from VA is often sold to another individual for a lesser price, giving many people an opportunity to get a good deal on a home. There are listings that can be found of the many VA foreclosures if you're interested in purchasing one of these homes.