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VA Foreclosure

´╗┐How A VA Foreclosure Takes Place

Owning a home is something everyone dreams about at some time in his or her life. Saving money for the home, finding the home and finally purchasing it is like a dream come true for most people. Many organizations are out there to help individuals achieve this dream. One of these organizations, the Veteran's Administration (VA) is there to help veterans achieve their dream of home ownership. While they don't purchase the home for the veteran, they help them with the purchase process. The lender provides the financing for the veteran, but the VA will often intercept and communicate with the lender on the veteran's behalf. The Veteran's Administration will guarantee the loan; therefore, the lender will usually offer a lower rate of interest. This is a huge benefit of being a veteran.

While it seems like this is a guarantee of home ownership for the veteran, they often have difficulty keeping up with the payments and eventually have a VA foreclosure on their home. Although they may have received help in obtaining their loan from the VA, foreclosure is still possible if the payments are not made on time. The bank or lender has the same procedure for unpaid loans, even if the loan was guaranteed by the VA-foreclosure. When a veteran is having financial difficulties and facing a VA foreclosure, the Veteran's Administration will often step in and help the veteran every way they can. They'll do everything they can to help the veteran keep their home and not lose it to a VA foreclosure.

However, as much help as a veteran may get from the VA, economy is still making it very difficult to stay ahead financially. Many people today are losing their homes with the foreclosure rate being higher than ever. If nothing is able to help the veteran, the home will go through the foreclosure process. What many non-veterans don't realize is that the Veteran's Administration will help them to purchase a VA foreclosure.

The way the Veteran's Administration works is that, they guarantee the loan when a veteran purchases a home through a VA loan. The lender will then usually offer a lower rate of interest. If the loan goes into default, the VA will pay off the loan and list the home for sale. They have a program called the VA Vendee Financing program, which can help non-veterans to purchase a VA foreclosure home. The non-veteran may also get the loan for a lower rate of interest than they would normally get. The VA Vendee Financing program, in essence, becomes the new lender of the home. This program helps the veteran get out of debt while helping a non-veteran become a homeowner and the VA is no longer stuck with a home for sale.