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VA Foreclosure

A VA Foreclosure List Can Help You Find Your Next Home

A VA foreclosure list is the perfect way to possibly find a great buy on what may be your dream house. A VA loan is a loan given to a Veteran by a bank, but guaranteed by the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs). They guarantee the bank that if the Veteran cannot continue to make the payments; they will take over the loan. The Veteran is also sometimes given better interest rates than traditional mortgage loans because the loan is guaranteed. In spite of this, many homes belonging to Veterans find themselves on the VA foreclosure list.

The VA foreclosure list is a list of the homes that are now owned by the VA because they have been reposed through foreclosure. This list may be found online, at your local county recorder's office or through the Department of Veterans Affairs. You'll find an entire list of homes that can be purchased from the VA. You can narrow your search down to specific locations if you search online or through the VA. Many real estate agencies are often chosen to list these homes and try to sell them.

Each real estate agency will handle the sale of these homes differently. Some of them will list them as they'd list any other home. Other agencies, however, put the VA foreclosure list of homes up for bids and give the public only so many days to bid on the different homes. Usually they are given 10 days. At the end of the 10 days, they take all the bids they've received and turn them over to the VA. The VA has the right to reject any bids if they are too low. They often will take the highest bid and make a counter offer.

If you don't want to go through a real estate agent, you can get the VA foreclosure list directly from the VA Department. They'll be able to give you information on the homes such as size, value, location, etc. They may also be able to help you get financing if you are a Veteran.

Many people that are looking for a VA foreclosure list choose to use the internet for their searching. This is convenient and can be done in your own time. There are wonderful search engine capabilities online where you can break it down into the state or city you are looking for homes. If these homes are listed with a real estate agency, it will tell you what agency and how to contact them. A VA foreclosure use can be an exciting way to find a home at an affordable cost.